Based in Brooklyn, NY

Angela is an Oklahoma born and Brooklyn based visual and verbal communicator that combines her background as a Design Director for an award-winning advertising agency with her photography background. She combines this knowledge to create beautiful designs and lifestyle photography. Clients she has done design and photography work for include advertising agencies, restaurants, universities, magazines, museums, (her dog), and Oprah.

When she’s not writing about herself in the third person, Angela likes to baby talk her maltese-yorkie, practice yoga, drink excessive amounts of caffeine, attempt to not be terrified of cycling in Brooklyn, and listen to the life stories of strangers.

Angela is also a champion information collector and organizer. She loves obsessively curating inspiration boards, gathering photos, researching visual trends, collecting quotes, and absorbing other useless information (that occasionally becomes useful). She really likes the internet.

She likes to dance and eat pizza.
But, her personal mantra is “Be nice and get shit done”.

To chat with her about Art Direction (or exchange dog pictures), email her at me@angelarenai.com.

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